About Alex Macheras

Alex Macheras is an aviation analyst, broadcasting and discussing the world’s aviation news on leading international news networks, including BBC News, Sky News, Al Jazeera, ITV, CNN, LBC, and Good Morning Britain. Working closely with airline industry executives, aviation leaders, policy and decision makers, and with a truly global reach, Alex Macheras continues to break major aviation news stories from around the world and is well-known in the industry as the global ‘go-to’ for the latest developments in the air travel sector.

He’s regularly hosting top-tier panels with airline C-suite guests, delivering keynote speech & presentations to an international industry audience, or taking the public’s calls for an aviation & travel discussion live on national radio networks. Alex also consults with airlines & aviation sectors across the world, joining UN aviation initiatives such as the ICAO General Assembly, and focusing on air travel’s ongoing challenge amid the global pandemic.

Alex has used his platform to spark international debate, as well as to provide constructive solutions on how governments can strategically enable their aviation sectors to continue in light of the ongoing pandemic.”

In addition to this, Alex joins airlines for the deliveries of brand new multi-million dollar airline jets. He’s often among the first in the world to fly onboard the newest and most luxurious aircraft in the skies. He tests the latest seat models, cabin design elements, inflight entertainment systems, and more.

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Alex Macheras during A350 XWB Test Flights for Lufthansa

To be specific, Alex’s favourite seat model is the Thompson Vantage XL (found on RwandAir A330 and Philippine Airlines A350) and his all-time favourite seat in the skies is Qatar Airways’ QSuite, a Preistmangoode project.

Alex Macheras onboard Qatar Airways’ newly launched ‘QSuite’

Alex also provides aviation analysis for newspapers including The New York Times, Daily Telegraph & The Times of London. Alex discusses aviation news on LBC Radio, and has hosted LBC’s ‘The Travel Hour’

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Alex Macheras recently starred in Channel 4’s prime-time entertainment documentary ‘Worlds Most Luxurious Airline’ where cameras followed him during an exclusive Airbus A380 delivery to Singapore Airlines. The show received excellent ratings during its premiere broadcast, and the broadcaster has since repeated the show three times on UK TV. It’s also being broadcast in Singapore, and Australia.

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In the aviation industry, Alex often presents live at aviation and travel conferences, hosting keynote sessions to worldwide aviation delegates, and joining panel members for aviation related discussion at trade events.

He sits down for ‘In Conversations’ sessions with CEO’s from across the aviation industry

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Alex Macheras with CEO of Royal Jordanian, Stefan Pichler — In Amman, Jordan.

Alex has an enormous passion for aviation, and he’s been interested in aviation as long as he can remember.

“I was born with the travel bug” Alex says — “There are videos of me as a toddler pointing up at the sky. It was never in my family — my mother makes wedding cakes and my father works in motorsport, so I wasn’t born into anything aviation related.”

Alex studied aviation wherever he could, in addition to taking flying lessons. Alex jokes “My family used to joke that at eight years old I could do the safety demo in five different languages” Alex’s inspiration from young? Richard Branson — an aviation entrepreneurial hero he has since had the chance to meet. He read his book at age 7, a gift from his mother.

Alex Macheras with Aviation Legend, Richard Branson

Alex is known for his in-depth knowledge of the industry — specifically on aircraft cabins…

…He’s keen to test every seat…

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 23.55.22
Alex Macheras on A350 Delivery to Thailand

…and Suite…

Alex Macheras on Singapore Airlines A380 Delivery to Singapore

International media have written about Alex’s life in the sky, and he’s had sit-down interviews with the likes of Daily Mail, Vogue & GRAZIA Magazine.

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You can keep up to date with Alex’s constant stream of aviation news tweets, on his twitter @AlexInAir. You can also follow his travels on Instagram, at @alexlhr.

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