First U.S. Airline to Fly A220 — Now In Its Full Livery

The first American airline operator fo the Airbus A220 (formerly known as the Bombardier CSeries) has rolled out of the paint shop, wearing its full livery.

The American launch operator airline is Delta Air Lines, and the aircraft has this week rolled out of the painting hangar at the A220 final assembly line in Mirabel, Québec.

Luckily for Airbus, the aircraft is able to originate from the Canadian final assembly line, rather than Alabama, given an independent court’s decision to reject a 300% import tax the Trump Administration was attempting to place on Canada.

What’s So Special About the A220?

The aircraft, now a firm member of the Airbus single-aisle family ever since Airbus bought a 50.01% stake of Bombardier’s CSeries, is one of the latest aircraft in the world, sporting an incredibly sophisticated flight deck, spacious & airy cabin, and very efficient engines.

While the A220 is undoubtedly a win for passengers…it’s specifically smaller size makes it a little harder to sell, given it’s not a middle-of-market aircraft, and other short haul jets are in plentiful supply (think 737 and A320).

Boeing admit it would ‘try to kill’ the jet (albeit, in more polite words), prior to Airbus snapping up the aircraft, unleashing it’s sales teams onto the program, and since – orders are picking up.

Final Thought

A220’s are truly comfortable when compared with other single-aisle aircraft, and I’ll be publishing a post soon to detail what it’s like to fly onboard this new jet.

I’ve flown the A220 with all of its European operators, and I was also the only person on an empty A220 performance flight, where crew pushed the aircraft to its limits through the Swiss Alps!

Stay tuned for more on that soon.

Have you flown the Airbus A220?

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